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Herpes simplex virus
Simplexvirus: A genus of the family HERPESVIRIDAE, subfamily ALPHAHERPESVIRINAE, consisting of herpes simplex-like viruses. The type species is HERPESVIRUS 1, HUMAN.
(Source: National Library of Medicine 2013 MeSH Scope Note and Classification)
Figures 2 and 3 were contributed by Reem Almaghrabi MD, Scott Curry MD, Alka Palekar MD, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Division of Infectious Diseases, Pittsburgh, PA. Copyright Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA), 2013. Used with permission.
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  1. National Library of Medicine 2013 MeSH Scope Note and Classification

National Library of Medicine MeSH Classification

DNA Viruses
Herpesvirus 2, Bovine
Herpesvirus 1, Cercopithecine
Herpesvirus 1, Human
Herpesvirus 2, Human