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A genus of gram-negative, aerobic, rod-shaped bacteria. Organisms in this genus had originally been classified as members of the PSEUDOMONAS genus but overwhelming biochemical and chemical findings indicated the need to separate them from other Pseudomonas species, and hence, this new genus was created.
(Source: National Library of Medicine 2013 MeSH Scope Note and Classification)
For Figures 1 and 2, please refer to the Welcome and Contributing Authors page for the list of IDSA 2002 Contributors. Copyright 40th Annual Meeting of Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA), 2002. Used with permission.
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  1. National Library of Medicine 2013 MeSH Scope Note and Classification

National Library of Medicine MeSH Classification

Gram-Negative Bacteria
Gram-Negative Aerobic Bacteria
Gram-Negative Aerobic Rods and Cocci
Burkholderia cepacia complex
Burkholderia gladioli
Burkholderia mallei
Burkholderia pseudomallei